Monday, 23 July 2012

Left Hand

Good morning everyone!
I think this is one of our great days since wujudkan-dot-com posted our first crowdfunding project.

Couple of days ago there's been a misunderstanding when we said 'okay, we like the mock-up page' they thought it was our green light approval to post it online and start the crowdfunding campaign. Some friends of  ours had also already seen the link, so they eagerly helped us put the link on facebook before we managed to recall the page and then re-post it today :D. Sorry guys, you must be very confused.

The animation process (for this gag) was finished at Sunday evening, so we decided to mix it up with songs and effects to make it more awesome in the morning while doing sahur and awaiting Imshak. Are you guys fasting? Personally I'm not, but the mosque next door succesfully wake me up every morning (hey, i'm glad someone - or something - rings an unstoppable morning alarm lol).

We cry rainbow after this 30 seconds short gag is finished this morning :D. Aaand... we do happily present this for you, enjoy it, and please help us spread the word for our Rara and The Ricketies project. We need more people see our works and enjoy it!


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