Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wolai The Yaki

Good morning!
We want to tell a bit of story about Wolai, a yaki from Sulawesi. Yaki is also known as Maccaca nigra. It's actually total black, but we chose blue as its fur color, simply because I like it blue. I think you've rarely seen this species eh? Neither do we.

We were looking for an unique species from Indonesia as one of characters appears on the Rara and The Ricketies series when we stumbled upon an article about yaki at NatGeo Indonesia. We were impressed by its instinct and behaviour while they were struggling to be the 'king' of their own kin. They really look like us, humans. They can be found at some of national parks at north Sulawesi, although their numbers are decreasing rapidly. They were only 3500 untill last March (the NatGeo article which we were reading).

Wolai has three plumes on its head, a yaki typical punk-like hairstyle :D ... It's agile, swift, lively, and perhaps is the merriest. It's the type of, "Hey, let's do it now!" - while it's jiggling around - and clumsy, so it makes Wolai the real fun member of the gang.

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