Tuesday, 24 July 2012

RIP R.A Kosasih

We read a news that one of Indonesian comic artist legends, R.A. Kosasih has passed away early this morning. It probably one big loss for us, when we recall where we were at 2004.

It was one morning when I came to an animation studio next to a paddy field. The breeze was refreshing and the studio was unlike any animation studio I had ever imagined. It was just a small house surrounded by lots of paddy field and it seemed, quiet.

Urakurek Studio was having an animated series - which I didn't know  of before - and that was the first time I touched the works of Kosasih's after Urakurek showed me what they were doing. Not that I'd never read his works, I did some of the times, but I had never had the books nor touched them, I read it over the internet  LOL.

To cut the story short, I learnt how to animate from the series' project from zero to hundreds of tricks. Basic drawing, anatomies, etc. I also met Kurnia and Chito - whom I worked with in KOEBUS - on that project, we learnt together in it, read a lot about Kosasih's works. It was awesome.

Have some rest, Sir. We will always remember you.

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