Sunday, 29 July 2012

Rara and Balak

This is Balak. A Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus sumatranus). He's strong, quiet, and remembers almost everything he had encountered. He's actually kind-hearted but lazy for most of the time and sleeps a lot :D ...

I'm really enjoying an elephant character from a children magazine, 'Bona', which has pink skin, wide ear, and a very extensive and retractable snout. It's very attentive and somehow always appear in my mind when I created an elephant character. But no, Balak doesn't has a retractable snout and a very wide ear, but he has an incredible strength comes from his snout and body.

Aaand, this is Rara, our heroine. She's an adventurer (FYI, she hasn't taken an arrow to the knee yet :D ) and a researcher. She's looking for a thorium mineral to find the future's energy source for humankind and to redeem her incredible prosthetic left hand. She likes reading a lot and her color is green. "Green is good. Green is refreshing, and it's friendly," she said.

She also laughs a lot and wordlessly couldn't stand of being lonely venturing across the Insulinde, so it's a blessing in disguise when the rickety Wolai and lazy bum Balak joined her adventures though they frequently cause troubles for the gang.

You might want to download the images of Wolai, Balak, and Rara as your desktop wallpaper, I had them in 800x600 (Balak and Wolai) and 1366x768 (Rara). Please be free to do so. We're happy to have you gladly have them and enjoy our works.


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