Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday Sketch

This is the first sketch for our independent projects that includes characters
from "Burd" comic pages and "Rara and The Ricketies". We can see the characters
are wearing steampunk outfits, the genre we're crazy at. And we've made
a lot of changes on "Burd" characters. I suppose they're more colourful
now and the design amplifies their personality more than they used to
in the "Burd" comic pages.

We're planning on "Burd" comic making based on these designs for the next couple
of weeks. Let's see what'll happen there!

We're also now working on three shorts which will end in November, supposedly.
It feels both fun and groggy realize that we've actually been struggling with
too many ideas, too few hands to work with, and too limited money to fund the project.

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