Friday, 3 August 2012

Special Blend

"It's my special blend. Can't guarantee the flavour though. It's different each time." - Baron Humbert von Gikkingen

The quote comes from a cat character appears on 'Neko no Ongaeshi' (The Cat Returns). It was the scene when the cat baron served a cup of tea to his female office's guest, Haru. When she (Haru) said, "delicious!" the cat replied, "then you're lucky." 

Kind of cool way to be very confident about your odd works. If it was good, the guest is lucky, and if it was lousy, you would just need to apologize to your guest and get rid of the 'blend' then move on to the next 'blend'. Either way, the guest has already sip your blend :D ...

It's awesome to have Ghibli's works as our huge references (alongside with Pixar's), the way the characters move, jump, enjoying every nook and cranny of the scenes and see the beauty of hand-drawn animation into life.
We're not trying to be like Ghibli though. We learn a lot from them. And we're just noobs trying to make something good. We know our blend wouldn't be as awesome as you expected, but it's a huge honour for us you're watching our works.


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