Friday, 17 August 2012

67th Independence Day of Republic of Indonesia

Good afternoon!
It's been a while since our last post. Yep, we're dashing the second gag along with the assets creation of Leyak and Lost Lollipop, and we thought, 'we've forgot the updates, let us post something at August 17th'.

I think today is very special day for Indonesians and its Moslem people. Why? Because this is our Independence day, the 67th and this is the last Ramadhan's Friday for Moslems and in two days, there will be Ied al Fitr for them.

It's not very festive though. The students are having their field ceremony as always (not to mention the ceremony always lasts half an hour longer than usual), TVRI broadcasts the palace ceremony as well (and relayed by other national TV channels), our neighborhood is not making any contests like sack race, pull-the-coins-from-a-fruit, pinang climbing, and a question always occurs in every 17th: "have we been free yet?"

A tricky question, however. There are thousands of ways to answer that. Perhaps, "Well, there are poor people, millions more than last year. We're not free yet." or "A lot of potential corruption cases are still nowhere to be seen, free is still out of our reach" or "No gold at this year's Olympic Games. We're not free from pussies!!" etc.

It's easy to find others' faults, or the cracks on the wall. It's also easy to points then blame at someone's failure than admitting ourselves' flops. I admit there are a lot of stuff need to be done and a lot to learn. So let us learn, work, and keep moving on the next challenge ahead of all of us. I think those are our best way to keep this freedom our predecessors gave, alive.

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