Wednesday, 8 August 2012

De Stille Kracht

Good afternoon! It's time for another update for our Leyak and Lost Lollipop.

Rara reads books a lot. This time she's reading 'De Stille Kracht' by Louis Couperus. The cover design is taken from original published book at 1900 by L.J Veen company. It was in Dutch (since the Netherland colonized East Indie at that time), and I think that was one of first books told about ghosts and superstitious matters in Java.
Potjong, jailangkung, and Kuntilanak was mentioned there as unique culture product of East-Indie inlanders.
De Stille Kracht was republished and translated by Oxford University Press in 1992 as 'The Hidden Force'...

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