Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The King of Mountain

Tour de Singkarak is over and the biking-to-the-top-hype is going all over me although there's WorldCup hype on the neighbourhood.
There was a very awesome museum on top of the Kaliurang Hill, Ullen-Sentalu. I had no idea of its whereabouts at first, so I paddled along the main road, tailed other bikes and fixies, and
depended my direction solely on the road signs to the UllenSentalu Museum. I was misdirected to the Merapi Volcano-Museum. My destination apparently is 3 km further to the top.
It felt good to be there though, climbed the steep road with other dudes and exchanged warm-greetings with people along the way.

This comic is in Indonesian and I did those 3 pages with different styles. Enjoy and thanks!


  1. Kadang yang keliatan fixie itu ternyata punya internal gear lho.. :D
    Udah pernah liat yg pake internal gear blom?

    1. Belum pernah sih :P
      Tapi pemindahnya kan ditaruh di stang, Ndre? Lha ini stangnya cuma ada karet pelapis pegangan tangan, hahahaha...