Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pygmalion Syndrome

Hey, how do you guys do? I'd hope you all are well.
Been working a lot these weeks, full of fun as well as anger, delayed jobs as well as payments, bad contract signing as well as awesome works... But I think pushing beyond limits sometimes gives you a large amount of sense of accomplishment no matter how much money you got.
Euh, sorry. 
If the works were all on you, you'll feel it. You wanted to explode, but you wouldn't want to blurt out the urge too soon. You had a goosebumps and your hands were shaking as well as your lips smiled while your teeth were cracking each other. Then you'd laugh. Laugh out loud while suddenly realized, your back and shoulder were aching.

If somebody else ordered you to, no. You wouldn't feel it. I've been there before, over and over again. It sucked a lot.

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