Thursday, 17 January 2013


I took this very scene when our studio had kuaci seeds for one of our snacks. I don't know the English term for this kind of snack-seeds. Ours comes from a pumpkin instead of sunflower so, I think 'sunflower seed' is actually inapropriate term as Burd says it in panel 5. But we call all of seeds snacks as 'kuaci' and I hope you know what I mean with that term.

The three of us have, actually, very different type of ways to open the seeds. And one of us had a joke about types of working people derived from the way people crunch-and-eat the kuaci seeds. He suggested three types. 

The first one is efficient people, whose seeds were opened very cleanly and the flaps are still intact. That kind of people also opens the seeds by ONLY his one hand. So, one hand - flaps are still intact - opened very cleanly. Overkill.

The second one is actually hard-worker. They want their works neat and clean but just don't know how to work smart and efficiently. Their seeds are cut in two pieces, less dirt all over the place, and often use both hands just to open one.

The last one is the noob. Their works are messy, dirt everywhere, and took longer bid hour to do something. Just like their way opening the seeds: dirts, the flaps are torn to pieces, sometimes they need to eat the whole seeds for they couldn't open the damn seeds LOL...

Which one are you? 

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