Friday, 11 January 2013

A Blind Chess

As Aye recalls, one night, about 2 years ago, someone came and asked Aye to play a blind chess.

Aye didn't really want to play, actually. Aye had awesome dreams to catch and wonderful job much more fun than a game of blind chess. Perhaps it wasn't because Aye despise the most of it, but more that Aye fear the game. It's full of tricks, full of both good and regretful memories, and Aye risked his dreams by playing it.

Few times The Person asked Aye to play, Aye thought, “Okay, let's see what The Person made of and how far you could buy my attention and loyalty off of my jobs and dreams.” The Person is white, Aye is black.

First moves were slow and steady. The next ones were a bit creepy. The Person moved the pieces hastily and Aye decided to take sly moves to slowly kill them, just to make The Person amused. Aye thought it was great idea to get rid the bugs off of Aye's life.

In fact it was terrible decision.

Nevertheless, Aye successfully lured The Person's bishops into Aye's traps. A white's rook also became Aye's victim. Poor pieces. Piece by piece were down and the moves were really considered carefully but the way it looked, The Person's was heavily wounded.

Aye smiled slyly. The Person's efforts would seem finally exhausted in a matter of time. In the contrary, The Person kept moving and dancing white's pieces like there was nothing else to lose. Aye despised that kind of situation and ofttimes Aye felt really uncomfortable with the way The Person moved white's pieces.

Aye also felt confused when The Person moved white's King forward, sometimes both Kings were only separated by a square. Sometimes it felt delightful when both Kings met face-to-face, yet Aye feared things in most times. Aye had chosen to keep running until white pieces were all be killed. No matter how long it took.

Until then, Aye's strategies were successfully hold the white pieces out of black King's grasp. Another white Knight was pawned and another black piece was killed protecting the black King. Yet The Person kept coming persistently. Aye didn't understand the way white's moves pattern, neither did The Person way of thinking.

One day Aye decided to grope white's territory square by square with Aye's overwhelming pieces. Aye thought it was enough to make white conceded and quit . It seemed perseverance had beaten the dirty tricks. White king was standing there with the pawns protecting its territory while black's were collapsing one by one.

2 years the game fares. No one wins, no one loses. Yet. Aye thinks The Person is exhausted, frustrated, and perhaps, furious while Aye feels really annoyed by this unfinished game. Aye thinks Aye has already known white's feelings just from seeing the way white moves. But somehow Aye still doesn't understand exactly The Person's way of thinking.

White has 4 Pawns and black has a Pawn, a Bishop, and a Knight. Aye knows black couldn't win, Aye's pawn is being intercepted by white's pawn. Both of Aye's Bishop and Knight are very agile to kill every damn white pawns but it's not enough to manage a check-mate. On the other side, white has a potential danger by running the pawns off to row 8 and become Queens. Aye knows it. Yet The Person doesn't seem to know it.

A move was made last night by white. The black has two choices: kill ALL the white pawns and see The Person devastating crush while hoping the black pawn is safe until row 1 -where Aye could exchange it to Queen- or declare a draw and play a new game. Perhaps with a different rule, for Aye thinks that the game has already bought Aye's attention off of Aye's dreams...

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