Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Marriage Comic

'About us: Puguh & Sisca'

 I couldn't believe I've lost this comic's master file! All of my hard work, references photos, interview transcripts, doodles, first sketches for more than 5 months went missing. But fortunately I could still download the high resolution renders from our correspondence letters, so I can show it off to people, haha!

A friend of mine was married at October, 2014. He asked me somewhere in April, 2014, to make pages of comic about his and her life before their marriage. I agreed and apparently, I had splendid adventures, trailing the couple's whereabouts some years before with my bike for references. I also had myself visited some places in Yogyakarta that I had never been before.

I broke the script - of which they were willingly and gladly provided - down into 6 parts, each consists of 3 coloured pages. I sent them each part's a draft then proceeded to colorings before continued to the next part. That way, I could easily focused on each story, what I was going to do with it.

I decided to put different colour tone for each part, to enhance the mood of each story, and I think one of the best part is the third (page 7-9) one. The idea of the part is the couple's struggle to earn their relationship, although distance had them separated. One of the only ways to communicate was the short-message-service (SMS or texts). It was just digits and letters, but apparently shorten the couple's distance. One of their meetings was a place called 'Ullen Sentalu', a private museum that took place at near-top of Kaliurang Hill.

I once biked there. It was chilly, 15 km steep and long road to go, but it paid off. I got the mood and photos for reference. Interestingly, it was raining lightly, quite similar with the time the couple had a trip.

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