Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tough Trial!!

A very tough trial indeed! 
Indonesia badminton national team will play against the unbent China at the Sudirman's Cup quarterfinal. Indonesia was beaten to pulp five to nothing on the previous group A-level 1 game. Yet IMO, the QF will be quite different since Lilyana Natsir and Tontowi Yahya are listed on the first match.

We, as well, has a very tough time ahead of us. You know, sometimes we feel too lazy to do another different step, or to change our route when we're going to go to somewhere, afraid that it would be very wrong. We could only bear with it, should we tripped over, or lose our feet, we would just laugh, do another try, and make it one of our great moments.

Well, let's make this morning different and SEMANGAT UNTUK TIMNAS!!

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