Sunday, 30 December 2012

Festival Komik Nasional 2012

Long time no see. I realize time flies really fast and it's end of the year already with the new rainy season in Indonesia. Jakarta is -again- sinking as it used to and Yogyakarta is being flooded by tons of cars and tourists from all over Java and other islands as well.

People ride their wide-cars and jamming the traffic almost everywhere it makes transjogja buses stuck and late. It sucks when we should wait at the bus stop for half-and-an hour for a ride.

I like this city when it's quiet :D.

An Indonesian comic festival marks and celebrates the new year at Jogja National Museum (JNM) which runs from 27-30 December. It's quite festive, comic lovers and artists from all over Jogja are crowding the scene, enjoying the wide range of comic style presented there, and also eagerly waiting for any seminar and launching the festival has arranged.

Fellow artists were launching their books, such as Apriyadi (Ganes TH's remake Si Buta dari Gua Hantu), Kurnia (Koel dalam Galau and 9 Ciri Negatif Manusia Indonesia), & Matto (Wokwok Magazine - Lesehan Studio). I came on one of them, though I didn't quite like the launch ceremony.

Wokwok Magz mascot, the moderator, and Kurnia at 'Koel dalam Galau' launching

One of the events at the FKN 2012 is 'Longest Comic Strip spree', it consists of at least 134 comic strip artworks from 134 different artists. I found it appealing before I started doodling on the page with a broad-soft-purple marker the organizer provided and it appalled me (yes, you suck, FaberCastell :D ) ...
I tried to whittle the marker but it worth ink dribble all over the place I had to do the outlines faster.

look at the crowd! :D

the crowd and the artists

different styles

an interview with Hasmi

they're using their own tools T__T

watch out! we have a ninja over here :D

look,  it's Burd!

Yet it was fun to see other people drawing at the same room, within the same page format, and with the same tools (some people used their own marker and had better results, damn you LOL), and saw a lot of different outcomes. And I saw an interesting scene where this 7 or 8 years girl wrote and signed her name on the artist list with her LEFT hand!! I wonder which was her artwork. LEFT hand! You don't often see someone drawing with his/her left hand right?

Despite all of the fun, A LOT of improvements should be considered. I couldn't find the events rundown list other than the ones announced the morning before events in facebook. The world is NOT only facebook and I think people need schedule to read and to plan their visiting time before D-Day and H-Hour.

Secondly, the delayed events. It happens a lot especially in FKN's comic launchings and colloquiums. I think FKN 2012 needs some kind of, I don't know, a show off or attraction to appeal people come to the events on time or toys or whatever. I think one good suggestion is costume-play (cosplay). With hot girls dressing as heroines or bunnies and perhaps, tits bouncing all over the place. People will LOVE it a lot :D ...

Nevertheless, today is the last day of FKN. If you happen having the new year vacation at Jogja, be free to come over Jogja National Museum and enjoy the comics!! 

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